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UnCensor The Conversation
UnCensor The Conversation
UnCensor The Conversation Podcast Season 5 Ep 24 What if You Caught Your Mate On Only Fans

About The Show

UnCensor The Conversation Podcast

UnCensor The Conversation Podcast is a Podcast where we debate and discuss topics without judgment. There is no filter. We are uncensored. Our panel consists of different personalities that keep our watchers and listeners entertained and engaged from start to finish. We discuss topics on everything from current events to relationships. We give those real raw and edgy answers. There is nothing politically correct about us. You get the truth from us whether you like it or not. That’s what makes this group of people so special. We are on each and every Monday Night at 7 pm CST. If you miss the live show, You can catch us the very next day on all your podcast streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts, IHeart Radio, Spotify, and Amazon Music

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Meet The Panel

Lacey "G Souldier" Turner

Host and Creator

Podcast Moniker: Who Raised These Ni**as

Born and Raised In St. Louis Mo.
Lacey “G Souldier” Turner is an Award-Winning Film Writer and Director, Hollywood Nominated Song Recording Artist, Author, Journalist, Podcaster, Vlogger, Hip Hop Artist, Poet, Former Battle Rapper, Actor, and Business Owner,

End Goal: To Build A Big Production Studio in St. Louis and Give Back to The Community

Stacey White

Podcast Moniker: Make It Make Sense

Born and Raised in St. Louis Mo.
Stacey is the Franchise Owner of A Steak N Shake. Owned Multiple Hair salons. Was a cosmetology instructor, overseeing several beauty and vocational schools. A Model, and opened up her non-profit named Rescued and Redeemed Relaxation center, teaching cancer patients to make their own wigs and about health and wellness.
End Goal: To Become President, Own Multiple businesses, and be happily Married

Tabatha Chanta

Podcast Moniker: Throwing Shade

Born and Raised in St. Louis Mo.
Tabatha has a dump truck company, retired after 20 years in telecommunications, and has a marketing background, Acted in several films, skits, commercials, and stage plays,

End Goal: To expand in the trucking industry

DeShaun S. Blevins

Podcast Moniker: PGP

Born and Raised in Columbus Mississippi. Deshaun would love to be a writer and singer of not just hooks but also a hood novelist as well.

End Goal: to be an activist for young black men as well as a successful author.


Podcast Moniker: Opinionated Scents

Born and Raised In St. Louis Mo.

Tera has 8k Youtube Subscribers

End Goal: To Be an Influencer

Rakisha "Ricki" Vinson

Podcast Moniker: Backstory Ricki

Born and Raised in St. Louis Mo.

Ricki works in urology and is a nurse.
End Goal: Ricki wants to be well off, Her kids successful and healthy. She wants to run multiple businesses and become happily married

Wayne "PK" Phillips

Podcast Moniker: The Goat

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO.
The 5th of 8 kids. Wayne is a carpenter by trade and Battle Rap Connoisseur.

End Goal: To make it big in film, television, and media all over the world

Nico (Nucci Banga) Dozier

Podcast Moniker: .Be yourself and your best self even when you're by your self

Born and Raised: In U City, Mo

Nucci Banga is a Music Producer and Entrepreneur

End Goal: Is to be living a life a peace, happiness and prosperity.


Ton3 Bon3

Podcast Moniker: What Da Fuk

Born and Raised in Cochran , St. Louis

Ton3 Bon3 raps and clean carpets to get paid
He wants to own his own Zerorez one day

End Goal: Is to be able to provide a better life for himself and his family


Podcast Moniker: Keep Your Nouns n Check (People•Places•Things).

Born in East St. Louis
And Raised in East Saint Louis, St. Louis, Seattle and Georgia.

Lou-E does independent Contracting
Landscaping, and Commercial Driving. He is also a Barber and Clothing Stylist.

End Goal: To become a International Motivational Speaker.

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